Amazing Facts About the Human Brain

Amazing Facts About the Human Brain

It is no myth that the simple and complex activities performed by a human being are being controlled by the brain. It is amazing to realize that the brain (a combination of special and distinctive matter) is laced with the power to control the overall behavior of an individual. Not only does it control behavior, but it also controls thought processes, the way things/ images are perceived, personality, and the awareness and control of ability amongst many other things.

This piece will joyously expose some educational yet fun facts about the brain.

Did you know that the brain?…

Have billions of nerve cells

  • The human brain is made up of billions of nerve cells. Do you know if these cells create something called synapses?  This is a process whereby a billion neurons in the brain form trillions of connections.

Generate about 23 Watts of power 

  • An average human brain can generate enough electric power to light a bulb. Yes! That’s true. About twenty-three (23) watts of power can be generated by the human brain. It is safe to say that our brain’s got some superpower, thus our ability to think deeply and explore the creative part is usually limitless.

The brain is painless

  • The brain cannot feel any pain. It can only transmit and interpret the pains from the other parts/organs of the body. 

‘Fun fact: Brain surgeries can be carried out while the patients are awake’

Weighs about 3pounds of milk

  • Ever carried half of gallon of milk? That’s around what the brain measure on a scale. The human brain measures around 3kg. Although, some weigh higher and some lesser.

Males have bigger brains

  • Males have a higher tendency of having bigger brains than females. Just in case you were wondering, it doesn’t denote that the male gender is more intelligent than the female gender.

The brain works while sleeping

  • It was alleged at one point in time that humans only use 10% of their brain’s working capacity. Well, that was only a myth. It is possible to use all the brain’s working capacity.

Composed of 60% fat

  • The human brain is made up of about 60% fat. It is the organ with the most volume of fat. These fats are responsible for brain performance.

Stops growing at age 25

  • Brain development stops at the age of 25years. 

Develops from the back

  • The brain develops from the back to the front. The part that controls planning and reasoning grows the last. 

Has an unlimited storage capacity?

  • Theoretically, the brain has almost an unlimited capacity. To put it into numbers, the human brain is estimated to have about a 2.5million gigabytes (well, that is quite unlimited)
    Since there are billions of neurons in the brain, these billions of neurons connect to form quadrillions or even an unlimited number of connections.

Uses the spinal cord as its messenger?

  • Are you aware that the spinal cord is the brain’s messenger? The brain passes information to other parts of the body through the spinal cord.

Lack of Oxygen can cause brain damage

  • Brain cells can start dying if there is a lack of oxygen for even five (5) minutes.

Learning new things makes the brain better

  • The grey matter in the brain gets enhanced when new neuron connections are being made. New connections are made when we learn new things.

Other Interesting Facts

  • A brain can freeze when cold touches the Meninges, the outer covering of the brain.
  • The texture of a human brain is synonymous with that of jello.
  • The human brain is made up of about 75% water. Stay hydrated always.
  • Dreams are proofs that the brain is active during sleep.
  • The older we get, the smaller the brain becomes.
  • The brain stores memories for short- and long-term purposes.
  • As the body powerhouse, it uses about 20% of the total body’s oxygen and power.
  • New memories can not be formed when we are drunk.


The human brain is amazing. The facts listed above are testaments to the latter statement. All the beautiful arts that we have seen, the most complex of human inventions, brave acts, and even the ability to comprehend the texts in this article are all a result of the dynamic functions of the brain. All that being said, we should endeavor to treat our brains in the most healthy way possible at all times.

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