Top 10 Safest Places to Retire In

Top 10 Safest Places to Retire In

The thought of life after retirement should be a thing to be concerned about. After all, you can’t work forever, you will have to get to a point in your career where you’ll have to call your job to quit, ditch everything to have time for yourself. That might come with you desiring to change your location to live in a different place or environment.

With such interest at heart, I came up with a list of places where one can retire in. After so much work done, there should be equal rewards to complement the efforts rendered over the years. Also, the list could come as an aid for those in need to move to a different place, or probably go for a vacation. Using a survey as a point of reference, high quality of life with less to spend is what most people look for when considering transition.

List of countries


Without further ado and the list in no order of preference, Spain is one of the most popular countries in Europe where one can live and retire in. It is a friendly environment to move into. You can as well get by without having to speak Spanish, but it will come at a great advantage to learn their local language.

Whatever city you choose to live in Spain, it mostly comes with beaches, mountains, islands, great food, and with its colorful festivals. The weather is conducive as well, sunshine appears almost 320 days a year. The country’s affordable cost of living is the most attractive factor compared to most European countries, hence attracting tourists.


There is Thailand, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches are in the south of this country. This diverse country seems to have it all. From its bustling resorts to the serene island, it has something fascinating for anyone who desires to retire in the tropics. You could live comfortably for as low as $500 per month depending on the kind of lifestyle you prefer to live. There are interesting places you can dine and leave the table with a change from $5.


Mexico made the list. It is well known over the years for its conduciveness to outsiders. You can spend less and still have a wonderful life filled with fun and sun. Mexico offers cheap local foods and in their international restaurant, you can get that favorite food you miss back home.

There is cheap transportation, low-cost medical care, and free and affordable entertainment options which are some of the reasons one can choose Mexico as a place to retire. To be specific with areas, playa del carmen to the north would be a perfect place to pick.

United States

If you have enough saved for your retirement plans, then the U.S is a place to retire. In as much as the standard of living in the U.S might be on the high side; you will enjoy every penny spent. Although there are areas that are pocket friendly as well. Park City in Utah is one of the best communities in the U.S to live and retire in. It has an extremely low crime rate. Some of the finest ski resorts in the world are located there. Others are Sarasota and Naples in Florida, and Asheville in North Carolina to mention but a few.


Another is Portugal, it is one of those places that just checks all the boxes. Its people are friendly, and many speak English which makes it easier to learn Portuguese. It has a moderate cost of living and shares a border with Spain. Its capital, Lisbon, is one of the most charming cities in Europe. Portugal has one of the best climates in Europe, they have mild winters and due to the ocean, summers are not too hot. Their foods are top-notch. No wonder they produced Cristiano Ronaldo.


Malaysia has everything that would want one to relocate there. Aside from its islands, rainforests, and beaches, it is known for its robust and evolving economy. It has an affordable cost of living. The country’s diverse ethnic mix makes adaptability easy for outsiders. The climate is conducive for fruits and vegetables all year round, making food products way lesser than in most of the world.


Panama is an excellent place for retirees. It is a friendly, safe and comfy environment. It is a spot of attraction due to its affordable lifestyle and pleasant weather. Health care cost less in this part of the world. They have well-equipped health facilities in their major cities.


With 300 days of sunshine in a year and gorgeous weather, Cuba can be picked as one of the places in the Caribbean to retire. Cuba has a first-class health care system with well-trained doctors. The country’s government have bought into the idea of retirees retiring in the country by giving visa to that effect.


The value to acquire property is one compelling reason why most retirees prefer to>Cyprus. It has a serene, friendly environment. It has a pleasantly warm climate, good food, great beaches, rich culture, and top-notch hospitality. It also comes with a moderate cost of living.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is not popularly disclosed as a place to retire. it has a warm climate all year round, friendly people, stunning landscapes, and beautiful beaches. Health care is good with private insurance at a low cost.


Exploring the world after retirement to see how beautiful it is means you must have saved enough money to spare. Safety used in the context above depends solely on what you term it as. You could be bothered about the financial safety that comes with spending. If you are moderate in your spending, then the places I listed above would be the best fit to live and retire in. Before you consider relocating, you should extensively conduct more research aside from the cozy climates and affordable lifestyle I had listed above.

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