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The art of speaking different languages is gradually becoming a crucial skill to be learned by anyone intending to be recognized globally. According to Emily Sande’s famous song “Read all about it” you might have the words to change a nation but do you speak the language that will enable you to communicate your words effectively to your audience?.

The advent of the internet has made it easier to learn a new language online, especially with the help of numerous language learning websites. Most of these websites use videos, games, and other engaging ways to enhance learning processes. In addition to these websites, apps have been created to ease access to language learning classes if we happen to be far away from our laptops. Here are some of these websites;


This is one of the best sites for learning a new language. It is free on Android, Windows phones, web, and iOS. Duolingo has several functions, located in different sections, which include

  • Learn – This section is for resuming the basics of your class
  • Events – This enables you to find and reach out to language learners near you.
  • Dictionary – For easy on-demand translation
  • Shop – You can buy things with the points or credits you earn while on the site.

One of the key reasons why Duolingo is most popular among other free language learning sites is its straightforward design. This makes the site very easy to navigate for people of all ages.

Some languages you can learn on the site are German, Italian, Danish, Latin, Spanish, Welsh, Ukrainian, Hindi, Hawaiian, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, Greek, High Valyrian, Swahili and many others. An interesting feature is that you can switch to a different language while studying one already, without losing your place or current position in the one you are studying.


Just as the name sounds, this is a free language learning site that provides methods and techniques for memorizing various concepts you stumble upon. In as much as it is called a free language learning site, not all options are free. Some courses have financial requirements attached to them.

Provisions are made for you to pay monthly, annually, or a lifetime, depending on how long you intend to use the site and how much you are willing to spend. This Pro subscription, grants you access to download different courses for offline use and an extra set of learning games. This site is best for visual learners

Memrise also gives room for you to study two or more courses, side by side without interrupting your progress in either of them. Some languages you can learn are Slovenian, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Mongolian, English, Icelandic, Spanish, French, Korean, Turkish, Danish, Japanese, German, Polish, Swedish, and Italian.


Busuu is a unique language learning community of approximately 60 million users globally. The social tool on this site enables you to interact with people that fluently speak the language you are learning. With the help of this tool, you can effectively learn by networking with other students on the site. This type of language exchange on the site would enhance your learning process through normal conversations.

Not all courses are free on Buusu. There are other provisions to subscribe for advanced deals on the site; there are the Premium and the Premium Plus plan. These plans include dialogues, audio recordings, video units, printable PDFs, writing exercises, and lots more. There’s also a 7 – day free membership trial after registration.

Some of the languages you can learn on the Buusu site are Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Russian, and English.


This app helps you choose audio and video lessons that are in your level after you must have completed your registration. You can learn by reading, listening or viewing with this app. LingQ is available for free on Android, web and iPhone. Subscribing for unlimited access costs $12.99/month.

LingQ creates an all-around learning process by allowing you to read online articles on any topic of your choice. While reading, the app helps you translate and pronounce any difficult word you select. There is also a feature on the site where you can chat with fellow LingQ members, ask questions and get answers. You are free to study at your own pace.

Some of the languages you can find on LingQ are Finnish, Norwegian, Esperanto, Turkish, Hebrew, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Greek, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Latin, Ukrainian, and Romanian.


Babbel costs more than most online language learning platforms, but it remains relevant and trusted due to the effective learning techniques applied on the site. Babbel’s main focus is on building basic conversational skills with the language you intend to learn. Therefore learners are taught how to start speaking from the very first lesson.

The site can test and grade your pronunciation with the help of the integrated speech recognition tool. It also keeps track of your daily progress with each course you choose to study. The content on this site is precise and very easy to understand. It is a great choice for comprehensive learning.

Languages you can find on this site are Indonesian, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, French, German, Danish, English, Polish, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and Swedish.

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