Top Tech Skills to Acquire in 2022

Top Tech Skills to Acquire in 2022

This is the tech generation and we are just lucky to be living in it. The rapid impact of technology in all facets of life can be overwhelming. We now live in a world where people are not only tech-savvy but make an enviable living out of it. This is 2022. If you are looking to get into the tech world and you don’t know where to get started, then this piece is for you.

Top In-demand skills in 2022

The demand for IT personnel is high. Many fields in the global economy are increasingly looking to add talented specialists in different IT departments with exciting and enticing financial offers. The top in-demand skills are listed (not in order of demand or importance).

Artificial Intelligence

As technical as that might sound, it is the knowledge behind the proficiency of computer systems or robots to perform tasks that would normally require human efforts or intelligence. Anything that would require human judgment and special discernment efforts is artificial intelligence. If this sounds like something that interests you, then you should go for it.

UI/UX Design

UI means User Interface while UX means User Experience. User Interface Design is the process whereby the visual pages whereby interact with software or an application are designed. It deals with the pages, colors, buttons, icons, and series of screens in an application or software.

These things are what made it possible to access a product or service. A typical example is the interface of the browser from which you’re reading this.

UX on the other hand deals with the personal experience while interacting with a product or service. User experience is usually subjective. It can also be extended to a physical product.

It can be quite an interesting job as it deals with a series of tasks to be carried out.

Data Analysis

Everything you can see, touch, and feel is an element waiting to be collected, arranged, and analyzed. All problem-solving applications are usually released after data analysts have judiciously performed their magic to check the viability and feasibility status.

Data analysts inspect, arrange, transform and inspect data to predict the future. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, do not hesitate to go for it.

Digital Marketing

Every business, startup company, top corporate organization, website owner, etc requires the service of a digital marketer to promote their products, services, and content to their potential clients. Digital marketing is very broad as it encompasses social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, branding, video editing, ads optimization, etc.

Game Development

The gaming industry is worth over $200billion. There is an endless demand for coders, developers, and other creatives to join the gaming industry.

Cloud computing

The technical experience needed to create something as complex as cloud computing is quite tasking. Cloud computing in layman’s terms is operating computers remotely.

Blockchain Development

The cryptocurrency movement is scaling rapidly. The demand for solidity and other types of developers is increasing day by day. It would be nice to take Blockchain-related courses.

Project Management

This is strictly a professional skill to obtain. There are so many projects that will continue to be carried out from now till the end of time. Every major development or creation has been carried out through proper project management activities.


Cybersecurity is the process of providing firewalls against cyber attacks or hacks. There is a high demand for this service. Every application would have some sort of security measure imbibed into them. The US Bureau of Statistics highlighted that there will be about a 39% increase for cybersecurity experts. Well, you could do well to be among the experts that will be needed.

Mobile Development

Although this is under software development, it is one of its most interesting aspects. Unlike the other branches of software development, mobile app development can be done by just one person or a team. All that is required is the time and effort that will be put into it.

It is a highly sourced field as more and more mobile applications will be developed in the long run. It’s logical because there is a higher proportion of mobile users compared to desktop users.

This is the age whereby tech skills are of high importance. Taking a course in one of these fields is a great step. Courses can be taken on various online platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Google, YouTube, etc.

Certifications are also important to verify that all that is required has been completed. Moving forward, it will be easier to apply for jobs on popular freelance platforms, LinkedIn, or from referrals.

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