Latest Technology Trends in 2022

Latest Technology Trends in 2022

The human race is advancing at a pace whereby almost nothing shall be considered impossible. Every industry as of the time of this writing (2022), the world has seen the fastest air crafts, self-driving cars, frictionless and decentralized forms of economy, nanotechnology, metaverse, gigantic and complex machines that are automated and programmed to perform wonders in business, science and medicine, construction, education, and even art.

All these industries have felt the positive yet Improving impacts of technology in the discharge of their duties in the quest of making the global village a better place.

Latest technological trends in 2022.

For the sake of clarity and comprehension.  The latest trends will be discussed in layman’s terms to grab the reader’s attention and at the same time provide information without getting lost in the technical margins

Edge Computing

Well, we are all accustomed to centralized computing. Edge computing is a complete game-changer. Through this new technology, data can be processed on the go. The normal way of computing has been through a centralized system whereby data is being (sometimes stored) and processed.

Edge computing will provide access to a faster way of computing. Think about it this way. Instead of storing and processing data in a cloud somewhere, the data will be stored right at the edge or its origin.

In simpler words, it is having one’s cloud network. A personalized cloud on the go.

Low or No Code Services

We are in the drag and drop generation. Website owners, bloggers, and small-scale entrepreneurs have easily set up their websites or online stores that would have normally taken days and even weeks to build.

Mobile applications with different functionalities and use-cases have been designed easily using little or no codes at all.

People with no coding knowledge are now able to make impacts in their respective fields.

As the Low Code Service develops, humans will be able to develop more complex models. More people will be able to dive into unique fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, etc.


This is the existence of another world entirely. A virtual reality that is an extension of this current world. In the metaverse, there will be a functioning economy, properties can be acquired, and anything else that can happen in the real world.

It might somehow sound tricky and maybe weird but the metaverse is on course to become a norm in years to come. The Metaverse will change all the conventional ways of carrying out human activities when it scales to its full potential.

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Development has always been one goal that top companies and developed countries around the world have been working towards in recent years. A healthy environment is very important to continuous human existence.

Preserving our nature is the key. In the quest of making the world a better place, innovators should be aware of the planet and the risks that might be involved. That is what sustainable technology is.

Decision Intelligence Technology

Of course, this is a new technology however its impacts can be highly significant in years to come. Everything human action has been tied to taking a decision.

Imagine a technology that will enable us to make only the best decisions. A quick illustration is the google map that provides traffic information. Even before leaving for one’s destination, the best route and estimated time travel have already been evaluated and the best decisions can be taken.

Nearly all fields will benefit from this tech because its sole aim is to make better and improved decisions.

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Technology

Computer vision is simply using image sensors to grab pictures or images, videos, and media files digitally in a way that they can be analyzed. Pattern Recognition involves some kind of algorithms used for machine learning. They are both distinct branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This technology is most useful for medical science. It will provide a pathway for medical breakthroughs and scientific discoveries in the future to come. However, it is not only limited to medicine. similarly, its significance is starting to show in other fields.


Automation is the process whereby all human activities are carried out by the computer system. Automation requires little or no human effort and it’s very effective. Most enterprises have embraced automation and its impact has been highly positive.

Hyperautomation is on another level entirely. While automation carries out simple tasks and complex tasks that sometimes require human efforts, hyper-automation has been designed to automate all the tasks (from start to finish) of an organization. it’s is automation at its best. It makes work done faster, easier, more accurate, and less stressful.


Technology-inspired innovations are the drivers of the advanced globalized world. Only a few have been listed in this list. In the years to come, there will be a great significant influence of technology right from the complex manufacturing process to the commonest house chores that are carried out in homes.

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