How to Quit Smoking According to Experts

How to Quit Smoking According to Experts

How to Quit Smoking

Smoking is something that has been in practice for hundreds of years, but our understanding of the consequences of smoking is much advanced. For instance, people who smoke die a lot more than ten years earlier than nonsmokers. Quitting smoking can allow you to improve your wellness.

Negative risks and effects

  • Smoking endangers your health in many ways, from small generating illnesses to chronic illnesses, according to studies conducted by experts.
  • Analysts claim that around 16 million citizens of the United States suffer from a smoking-related illness. Annually, approximately 480,000 deaths as a result of smoking-related illnesses. This appears to mean that for every individual who dies as a result of smoking, at least 30 more suffer from a severe smoking-related disease.
  • Smoking can significantly reduce life expectancy. In reality, smoking is the leading cause of mortality in America.

Why is smoking addictive?

Now let me guess what is running through your mind, “if the risk and effects of smoking are this bad? then why is it so addictive?” you need to understand that “Nicotine“, the primary substance in cigarettes, is to be held responsible for one’s cigarette habit.

From having smoked just a cigarette, your subconscious mind is prompted to crave a smoke, and desperately wants even more of the sensations gotten from it.

Under the consistent habit of smoking, the brain eventually detects the patterns that surround the situation whenever one is to smoke cigarettes. For example, if you’re feeling down and tired, do you think to yourself, “why don’t I just have a smoke to help ease the stress a bit?” then by doing that, the cycle begins again.

Steps for Relinquishing the Habit of Smoking

According to experts, there are certain steps one must be willing to take to quit smoking:

An Optimistic Mindset.

You may have tried and failed to quit smoking in the past, but do not let that discourage you. Consider what your experience has shown you and how you intend to do things differently this time.

This is because the habit is something that is in the mind, so if one must consider letting the habit go, it has to also start first from the mind, the ability to tell yourself, “This can stop”, and also have an optimistic mindset about it

Being intentional 

Commit, set a deadline, and follow it. Following the “Do not touch” principle can be extremely beneficial. Anytime you are in a difficult situation, say to yourself, “I will not even lay a finger on it,” and stick to this until the cravings leave you.

Consider times when situations might be tough, then strategize your activities and exit points ahead of time. The keyword is always to be intentional about letting go.

Understanding the ‘crave’ situations

It’s critical to recognize when you’re craving a cigarette. Is it when you’re anxious about something? or when you are uninterested in something? “Triggers are classified into four types:

  • feelings (exhaustion as well as nervousness);
  • behavior (during lunchtime, while moving, or when you are on a stroll);
  • public (spending time in public places with familiar people); and
  • detachment (inhaling cigar smoke, seeing a light and touching one),”.

Knowing what ignites your craving helps you know what and what the avoid.

Having Diet and Drink Restrictions

Is your favorite time of day smoking an after-dinner cigarette? According to a study conducted by experts in the United States, certain types of food, such as steak, make smoking more pleasurable. Others, such as pizza, strawberries, fruit, and veg, make cigarettes taste awful. So instead of your usual meat or chicken sandwich, try a meatless meal.

You might also want to alter your routine before or after meals. Having to get up and do all the kitchen duties right away, or getting engaged in a non-smoking room, may help. When it comes to drinks, studies done in the United States also show that certain drinks make cigarettes more pleasurable.

Cigarettes taste better when mixed with carbonated drinks, liquor, soda pop, and beverages. Instead, stay hydrated by taking lots of water and also consider taking smoothies while about your daily activities.  Some people tend to realize that modifying their sips, goes a long way in reducing their desire to smoke.

How long does the craving last?

An urge to smoke, for example, may last for only 5 minutes. When that happens, consider Making a checklist of 5-minute techniques before you consider giving up.

You could, for example, abandon the group you are with for a moment to go listen to music or go to the restaurant to have a meal. Consider this: drinking alcohol together with smoking increases your chance of throat cancer by a very high percentage.

Connecting people with similar interests

If you have peers who want to quit, propose that you quit together. It’s a very high motivating factor when you find people of like minds like you who are also determined to quit smoking.

Also, your neighborhood giving up smoking facilities can assist. Did you also know that along with their experienced professional help and advice, you’re significantly more likely to succeed in quitting?

Workout Routines

According to a study done by research experts, even a half an hour workout routine or stretch reduces desires and might even assist your central nervous system to generate anti-craving stimulations.

Check and Balance Associations

Once you’re at a gathering, it is encouraged that you hang out with people who do not smoke. If you have friends that smoke, it is in your own best interest to stay very far away from them. When you see people smoking, begin to see what they are doing as odd, it will help you not to have a desire for it.

Keeping Your Mouth and Hands Busy

Consider trying out Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), because experts have shown that it increases one’s chances of quitting smoking. In addition, there are supplements, chewable, chewing gum, and inhalers. 


Quitting smoking is beneficial to one’s wellness at any time of life.  Although, it might look quite like a difficult and even impossible thing to do considering how long one has been addicted to it; however, with a zealous and consistent mindset it can be achieved.

If you’re focused on quitting, then this is the time to get started.  Stay consistent, if you relapse, you can always try again.

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