How to Save Money on Prescription


Health would be wealth as the saying goes if you get to spend less and save more. Life could be pretty fun, and oops! you’re put on prescriptions that depend solely on your survival. This could be financially draining even when you have a regular income, you get to sacrifice certain needs to pay for the drugs prescribed.

Have you been to the pharmacy to get these medications and on getting there, the usual cost of the drugs has increased than what it used to?  Yeah, it’s no news that drug prices are not fixed. With these happenings, I came up with a few ways on how one can save more in getting these medications. You might be wondering what else is there for grabs? Let me make the wait worthwhile.

  1. Be health Insured

An important thing you could ever do for yourself is to invest in your health through health insurance. This will help cover up or reduce the expenses you would incur in getting your meds. Although it depends on the policies of your insurer if it would pay for such expenses.

  1. Win Coupon

Be vigilant! Watch out for promo offers that might be out there to win coupons. It could be from the pharmacy or the drug’s manufacturer where you stand a chance to get discounts on your meds purchase. Being observant is a major factor in which one can be informed of such an opportunity. This might not sound like something that will last for long but the main objective during the discounted period is achieved. You get to save more and spend less.

  1. Compare Pharmacies

Drugs do not have regulated prices across stores, this probably depends on factors like location, and brand, to mention but a few. Comparing pharmacies to check for their prices could be the hack you didn’t see coming. Prices differ from pharmacy to pharmacy, and this can come as an advantage if you can bear the stress of asking around pharmacies for the med’s prices. With no intention of promoting any website, I believe there are websites around which can help check for prices across major pharmacies at your convenience.

  1. Ask your Doctor for Generic Drugs

Most times, certain drugs are highly expensive due to the manufacturer’s brand name. Having to know this, you can ask your doctor for a generic drug for the prescription that was given at first. This will help subsidize the cost of the meds. Besides, the generic drugs don’t mean they will be substandard to the initial prescription given, that is why you need to consult your doctor on this.

  1. Buy in bulks

The interval purchase of these meds varies, could be weekly, or monthly. There are certain discounts one gets in buying these meds in bulk, rather than winning coupons as earlier discussed. Imagine, a med you buy monthly at $200, buying 3 of it at once instead could have you pay $500. Do the math yourself, you will see that with such an approach one would have some saving to do at the end of the day.

  1. Stick to Instructions

Take your medication dosage seriously to avoid being OD’d. Make sure you follow the instruction given by the doctor, probably on what not to eat, not to drink, activities you should henceforth desist from. Following these instructions might lead to a quick recovery, thereby stopping the need to buy the meds to reduce the intake of it.

  1. Leverage your Free time.

As the need for these meds has become a priority and so should your income. You must try to explore any free time you’ve got to increase your income, that is if the ailment could permit such. It could be remote work that you get to do at your convenience.

  1. Build a Good a relationship with the Pharmacy

Relationships are important in every phase of life. Build a good one at the pharmacy you’ve figured sells the meds lesser than the ones you’ve compared. With this, you get firsthand information on any available coupon or other opportunities you could take advantage of.

  1. Seek Empathy

Utilizing social media effectively could come as an advantage. You can share the financial difficulties you have been having as a result of trying to purchase your meds at frequent intervals. Set up a GoFundMe account, where sympathizers would donate to the cause. This could go a long way in saving your income on prescriptions.

  1. Tell Family members

At the end of the day, family is those we fall back on when we are in despair. Be open about your health condition to them, although that solely depends on who you could confine such matter. They might get device means in finding ways to subsidize the cost you spend on the meds, probably they donate or something. Just remember, they always come through no matter what.

With all being said, we should as a person be cautious of our health to avert any ailment that would put us on meds. Prevention is better than cure. And to those on prescription, stay strong you will pull through, and don’t forget to increase your means of income to cover up for the meds cost.

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