What You Should Know About SoulCycle

What You Should Know About SoulCycle

A lot of people get bored at the gym because of workouts upon workouts. However, on a stationary cycle, a whole lot more is offered with SoulCycle. SoulCycle is a branded indoor cycling class that incorporates the use of choreography and music in its sessions. On the walls of each studio are motivational and inspiring words like “Renegade,” “Obsessed,” and “Warrior” printed boldly and in a room lit with candles that smell like grapefruit.

Equinox Group founded SoulCycle in 2006 as a fitness studio. Its headquarter is in Manhattan, New York City. SoulCycle has over eighty-three studios and counting in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada offering cycling and spinning workout classes.

SoulCycle is designed to train the soul, mind, and body. Riders, through the guidance of legendary instructors, are submitted to High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and a rhythm of a one-of-a-kind playlist. The exercises on the bike range from crunches to tap-backs and brief weight sequences, all designed to train the muscles.

What to wear to SoulCycle 

For women, it’s best to wear leggings or bike shorts to prevent chafing and a top bra or sports bra because you’re going to get sweaty during the workout process. It’s suggested for guys to put on shorts or running leggings and a tank top as well.

As for the shoes, put on a pair of spin shoes with cleats to have more grip on the pedal of the bike and prevent slipping when spinning. Remember also to go along with a towel and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Benefits of SoulCycle   

  1. It has been proven that exercise helps reduce stress levels. Soul cycling, as with other cardio workouts, releases hormones known as endorphins, which help to relax the mind, boost the mood and make one feel good. It’s the studio ambiance, the music, and the workout structure that can be cathartic.
  2. Through its High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Soul Cycling helps to improve the cardiovascular health of a person. Soul cycling is good for the heart and the lungs. It helps the heart pump more effectively and also reduces the chances of having high blood pressure.
  3. Soul cycling improves one’s endurance, muscular endurance, and muscle tone. Cycling, with its resistance pieces of training, weight training, and intervals, allows the muscles to apply force over a lengthy period of time, resulting in increased muscular strength.
  4. SoulCycle workouts, unlike other cardio exercises like jogging, are gentle on the bones and joints while still challenging your muscles and stamina.
  5. You get to burn around 300 calories or more per hour cycling however this depends on your speed, weight, and time spent.

Classes Offered in SoulCycle

Soul 101: This is a beginner’s session where the SoulCycle team will devote the time and effort necessary to prepare you for the front row. It includes three one-hour introduction lessons as well as a team of three teachers who will prepare you with advice and support.

SoulCycle: This is a 45-minute exercise that includes dancing, interval cycling to music, and upper-body training with weights.

Soul activate: Simply put, it is a SoulCycle class on speed. It is a highly intense strength training program on the bike for forty-five minutes with timed interval pushes and heavier weights. This class is recommended for those who have taken 10 or more SoulCycle classes.

Soul Activate Survivor: This SoulCycle class is 60 minutes long. This class is for those who are willing to push themselves in their workouts.

Soul challenge:  A 90-minute SoulCycle class called the Soul Challenge. This lesson is only for people with increased endurance. 

Soul Warrior: Participants cycle at the podium and also lead the class.

Community Ride: Future SoulCycle instructors who are still working to perfect their craft give free lessons. This happens every year in the fall.

Important tips in Soul Cycle

 Newbies to SoulCycle should know a few basic things to gain a rapid grasp on the cycling process and enjoy the experience.

  • Bike setup: Before your first SoulCycle class, for safety and comfort, make sure your bike is set up correctly, with the handlebar arm length distance of two fingers away from your seat. You could enlist the assistance of the coach or a team member.
  • Clip-in and clip out: To clip in, make sure the pedal faces up, press your feet down to make sure your cleat enters the opening, and to be sure it’s well positioned, make sure it clicks into place. Move your foot from side to side on the pedal to ensure it is securely fastened to it. Do this one foot at a time.

When you’re ready to clip out, kick your heel outwards with moderate force, sideways.       Expect to feel some resistance. With one foot on one floor, it should be easy to unclip the other foot.

  • Seated position:  Sit on the wide part of the saddle, shoulders down, while gripping the handlebar lightly.


SoulCycle is both a workout and a lot of fun. With killer HIIT training courses that put your endurance, resistance, and speed to the test, as well as an open, strong, and accepting community. It has changed the way new riders think about fitness because it is both efficient and enjoyable.

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